I love being a mom – Really I do.

I love being a mom – Really I do.

I love being a mom. It kicks my butt on a daily basis, but I love it, of course.

Every day I laugh, I get irritated, I am at peace, I reach for food to calm my anger.

Every day I get inspired OR I disappear into a mind-numbing hole of misery.

I used to be an extremely even-keeled type of gal. The funny thing is how many people still think I am.

But my 4-year-old knows how (and chooses) to push my buttons like no one else. She’s fiery and strong and brilliant. All qualities that I’m thrilled she’ll have in about 20 years time. For now, though, it’s me who gets to be on the receiving end of everything. I somehow always knew this age would be challenging for me but, WOW, this is really hard.

I had planned on starting a blog on well-being; Eating well and teaching your kids to do the same; Taking care of / nurturing yourself and your family; Being inspired by life; Etc, etc.

On some level I know that that is what this will be about because those are the areas I’m passionate about. Those are the things I’m virtually always thinking and talking about. When I speak with other moms, those are the questions I’m answering and ideas I’m sharing with them.

And, yet, I really have no idea what will show up here. I could never have imagined the journey that motherhood would take me on up until now, and so I wait in (somewhat) eager anticipation to see what lessons will be learned (and who I will become) next.

If you can relate to anything I’ve said above, I’d love for you to join me and to share your wisdom and experience here too.

Cheers and Namaste,
Vita Mama

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  1. Hi Vita!

    I totally understand. Being a mom is pretty amazing. There are ups and downs but wouldn’t change it for the world :o )

    I look forward to seeing more posts from you specially about how teach our kids to eat well.

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