Four Leaf Luck

Four Leaf Luck

Four Leaf Luck Children's eBook

I first read Four Leaf Luck to my nearly five-year-old daughter a few months back. We both fell in love (and it immediately went on my recommended reading list!).

When I had the opportunity to speak with the author, Lizzy Anne Reid, I thought it would be the perfect time to share more about this fun and valuable resource.

In a beautiful way, Four Leaf Luck takes you by surprise. It starts very focused on the idea of “good luck” with the possibility of moving in the direction of “intentional/positive thinking.”

However, just when everything seems to be flowing clearly in one direction, the storyline transforms into teaching about the value of focused work and determination.

Lizzy does a beautiful job of honoring the concept of good luck and yet inspiring children to be willing to put in the effort to achieve what they want (as opposed to expecting everything to come to them).

The book provides a perfect platform to teach kids an extremely valuable lesson without being preachy. As you can probably tell already – I highly recommend it!

As I mentioned above, I was “lucky” enough to be able to interview the author directly, and here’s what she had to say about Four Leaf Luck:

1. What inspired you (or gave you the idea) to write Four Leaf Luck?

I wrote this story about ten years ago! I took a children’s book writing course, and this story was the result. However, at the time, I never intended to self-publish. But after publishing my young adult series books, I realized that I could go back to my children’s stories and bring them to life as well!

2. Are there any other books in the series and, if so, tell us about them!

Yes! The Sally Series will eventually land somewhere between 10 and 15 books! They are all themed on different values children can learn in a fun way with Sally’s silly thoughts and the whimsical illustrations. The third book should be out by the end of this week!

Note: You can find other books by Lizzy Anne Reid here.

3. Do you have a particular mission/philosophy/commitment as a writer?

I’ve always written because I love to write, but I do notice that changing a little more. I still want to write for personal enjoyment and to entertain others, but it is becoming increasingly important for me to highlight certain aspects of life and offer a message, no matter how heavy or light the message may be. That’s why I love writing children’s books. I have a particular desire to work with adolescents, so I hope the next YA series I write to have even deeper themes, primarily in the psychology of that time in a young person’s life.

4. Is there anything else you want us to know about your or Four Leaf Luck?

Four Leaf Luck is a great book to be read to young children, or as an early reader tool. Sally is a fun character, and I hope that lots of little girls learn valuable lessons in life by learning from Sally’s mistakes!

Thank you so much for your time, Lizzy. And thank you for the wonderful work that you’re putting out into the world!

FYI, you can get your copy of Four Leaf Luck (Children’s Books about Life Lessons #2, Hard Work) (The Sally Series) here. Enjoy!

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